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9 Best Seafood Restaurants in North Myrtle Beach

Are you looking for the best seafood restaurants in North Myrtle Beach, SC? NMB is known for its beautiful beaches, fantastic weather, and incredible seafood. With so many seafood restaurants in the area, it can be difficult to know which ones to try. To help you navigate the many options, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best seafood restaurants in North Myrtle Beach, along with some of their...

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North Myrtle Beach Restaurants – 5 DINE IN FAVORITES

We love dining out in North Myrtle Beach. Some of our favorite items that we enjoy are listed below on this page 5 Menu Items and Places to Order Fried Flounder at Hoskins Restaurant on Main Street  – We love the Meat and 3 Specials at Hoskins for Lunch and can’t wait to get back. On Tuesday’s, I usually get the Half Flounder with Cabbage, Field Peas and Corn. You...

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Diva Half Marathon

North Myrtle Beach, SC Event This was a very popular event that ended in 2019 with the 2020 event being cancelled. ‘Run Like A Diva’ Half Marathon The run held in 2019 drew a full field of 4,400 women from all over the United States. More events were held in other cities around the country.

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Best Burger North Myrtle Beach

Everyone probably has an opinion about who has the Best Burger North Myrtle Beach. Take a look at these options and tell us what you think. Do you have a favorite place in North Myrtle Beach for burgers? Fast Food in NMB We know there are a lot of fans of the fast food variety. If you are looking for the chains, you will find McDonald’s and Wendy’s in Ocean...

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Fish Friday Lunch

Fish Friday Lunch specials are very popular everywhere. North Myrtle Beach is no different. You can find many places to go eat fish on Friday at the beach. We have selected a few places that are popular with the locals. Take a look at these restaurants below and tell us your favorites. Recommendations for Fish Friday Lunch Deckerz Bar & Grill Deckerz on Main Street features a lunch special with...

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Beach Music North Myrtle Beach

Beach Music is played in North Myrtle Beach. You probably know what Beach Music is if you have ever visited NMB.  Frequent the clubs and lounges on Main Street in Ocean Drive to hear it daily. If you haven’t heard of it, you need to hear the music we call “Carolina Beach Music”. There are many recollections of how it got started. People that live in North Myrtle Beach will...

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Fine Dining North Myrtle Beach

We are asked all the time about Fine Dining North Myrtle Beach. Where are the best places to eat in NMB? Who has the best steak? Who has the best seafood? Members of our staff have tried most of the top restaurants in the area and offer these locations in NMB for your consideration. If you try them, come back to our website and let us know what you think....

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North Myrtle Beach Mini Vacation

Do you need a North Myrtle Beach mini vacation? Plan to visit NMB and stay 2 nights, 3 nights or 4 nights. You don’t always have to visit for a whole week. We have properties that may be perfect for a quick trip to the beach. If you are craving some sand between your toes but you can’t stay a whole week, give us a call. Many of our properties...

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Local Eats North Myrtle Beach

When its time to wind down, stop by for a cold drink at any of the local eats North Myrtle Beach. Choose from a number of bars, clubs and lounges. There are a lot of places in North Myrtle Beach to grab food, drinks and be entertained. We have selected some of our favorite restaurants, bars and entertainment venues for you to check out on your next trip to North...

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