Everyone probably has an opinion about who has the Best Burger North Myrtle Beach. Take a look at these options and tell us what you think. Do you have a favorite place in North Myrtle Beach for burgers?

Fast Food in NMB

We know there are a lot of fans of the fast food variety. If you are looking for the chains, you will find McDonald’s and Wendy’s in Ocean Drive. Hardees used to be located on 17, but has recently closed their doors. If you are looking for Burger King, you will need to drive up to Little River just across the big bridge. Other chains available include Burger Fi, Five Guys, and Highway 55 Burgers. One of our favorite chains is Cook Out – The cheeseburger tray with Fries and a Corn Dog and a Big Drink  is fast and pretty cheap. Their milkshakes are the bomb!

Local Favorite Burger Joints

There are a lot of great places to eat in North Myrtle Beach. Many come to the beach and ask where the locals go for good burgers. We have selected a few local businesses that we think are worth trying out. We would love to know what your thoughts are on these or other burger joints you have tried in NMB.

  • Deckerz Bar & Grill – Main Street in Ocean Drive They have a great Bacon Cheeseburger. Order with the Onion Rings and say thank you! Pick the right time and you may get to enjoy that burger with a Live Band or DJ Party on the Deck.
  • Hoskins Restaurant  – Main Street Ocean Drive There is a reason you see lines at this place morning, noon and night. With all the great selections of home cooking and seafood, you may not think to try the burger, but its good! Trust us!
  • Fat Harold’s Beach Club – Main Street Ocean Drive The Cheeseburger at the Shag City Grill inside of Fat Harold’s has been known as one of the best for years. We have eaten our share. Drop in, grab a Harold’s cheeseburger and listen to some Carolina Beach Music. You might find yourself on the dance floor doing the Shag, South Carolina’s official State Dance.
  • Captain Archie’s – Cherry Grove It used to be called Captain Pooh’s. Now its Captain Archie’s. They have incredible views, fun atmosphere and one of our favorite Cheeseburgers at the beach. Catch live bands and entertainment on the Waterway.
  • Hickory Tavern – Coastal Town North  Hickory Tavern is a great place to hang out, watch sports and eat cheeseburgers. They have all kinds of bar food with a good selection of specialty burgers available on the menu.  If you like beer, ask to see the extensive beer menu.
  • Hamburger Joe’s – Windy Hill Drive to the southern Part of NMB to the Windy Hill section and find Hamburger Joe’s. We have guests that visit NMB every year and Hamburger Joe’s is always on their list of places they have to visit before they leave to go back home.

For more places, contact info and locations of places that serve burgers try this big list of Burger Places

Who serves your favorite Burger in North Myrtle Beach?

Please share with us  below in the comments.

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