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Terms and conditions

Grand Strand Vacations - Terms & Conditions
RESERVATION DEPOSIT:  50% of the rental amount, reservation fee and the Vacation Rental Insurance, is necessary to confirm a reservation, and must be received on or before the above indicated cancellation date or the reservation will be automatically canceled. Personal Checks are preferred; Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express will be accepted. Credit Card phone deposits are necessary when your arrival is less than one month away.  Personal checks must be received 30 days prior to arrival date.

VACATION RENTAL INSURANCE: is available to you for your vacation. Grand Strand Vacations is unable to Refund due to hurricane evacuations. If you have purchased vacation rental insurance, then Red Sky Travel Insurance will refund based on the number of days under mandatory evacuation. This insurance also protects you and your family if, an emergency, family illness or death should occur and prohibit you from vacationing. We recommend you purchase this insurance for your protection. A pamphlet with detailed insurance information is available.  You may call Red Sky Travel Insurance for further information at 1-866-889-7409.

BALANCE DUE: The balance must be paid in full thirty (30) or more days prior to arrival date. Personal Checks are preferred; Visa, MasterCard, Discover & AmEx will be accepted. We cannot accept personal checks at check in or within 30 days of check in. $50.00 fee for NSF checks. $40.00 fee if balance is not paid in full prior to arrival.

ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE WAIVER: All reservations will be charged a $45 mandatory Accidental Damage Waiver. It is automatically added to each reservation at booking. It is not refunded or applied to future rentals. The Accidental Damage Waiver does not negate your responsibility as a tenant. The damage waiver is limited to a maximum coverage of $1,000 per reservation, and all registered guests staying in the property (not to exceed maximum occupancy) will be covered by this waiver and will not be obligated to pay for accidental loss or damage to the rental unit or its contents. Any and all accidents need to be reported to the office ASAP to be considered for ADW coverage.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: If the registered guest presents a valid Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AmEx for a $250.00 to $500.00 Refundable Security Deposit then, we will not require a cash security deposit. If a valid credit card is not available, you must pay an additional $250.00 to $500.00, (depending on the property). Please allow up to 4 weeks for return of the deposit, less any charges. As the renter, you will be held responsible for any malicious damage, loss to the property, or excessive cleaning required during your rental period and Owners Agent will repair or replace lost or damaged inventory at the renter’s expense payable upon demand.

LINEN RENTALS:  For your convenience, sheets, pillow cases, towels, wash clothes, hand towels, bath mats and kitchen towels are available for rent and must be reserved in advance, depending on availability.  Beds also may be made with rental linens, prior to your arrival, for a nominal fee.

CHECK-IN:  4:00 PM or after on your day of arrival.  Pick up keys at our office. A valid driver’s license and credit card are necessary to check in; please have them ready. Arriving after hours: balance must be paid in full, rental agreement signed & returned. Ask your Vacation Specialists for instructions for key pick up.

CHECK-OUT:  10:00 AM or before on day of departure.

DEPARTURE CLEANING:  Departure cleaning is provided for all rentals.  We ask that you remove all trash, wash & put away dishes, secure the property, and return all keys to our office or charges will be applied for excessive cleaning, damages or lost keys.

LOST AND FOUND:  We cannot be held responsible for items left behind in our rental units; however,  we will make every effort to locate and return them to you for a $25.00 fee plus postage.

RENTER RESPONSIBILITIES:  As the renter you will be held responsible for any malicious damage, loss to the property, or excessive cleaning required during your rental period and Owners Agent will repair or replace lost or damaged inventory at the renter’s expense payable upon demand.  *There is a $25.00 Lost Key Charge for keys not returned or more for specialty keys.

PRIVATELY OWNED PROPERTIES:  Our vacation rental properties are all privately owned properties and reflect the individual tastes of the homeowner.  We cannot make changes to equipment or furnishings.  You, as our guest, agrees not to move, change, break, remove or destroy any item(s) belonging to this rental property. Fees will be charged accordingly. Equipment & furnishings are subject to change without notice or compensation.

MAINTENANCE AND HOUSEKEEPING are here to make sure that your vacation home is in the best condition that it can be.  If you should discover otherwise, please report it to us immediately and we will correct it as quickly as possible.  Please be aware that any damage to fiberglass tubs can cause extensive damage to the property and must be reported immediately, check out is not the time to let us know about problems.  We cannot issue refunds for mechanical breakdowns or cleanliness issues.  In order to make timely repairs or inspection, Grand Strand Vacations’ personnel or representatives shall have the right to enter the property at reasonable hours.  If a service call is made or a professional contractor needs to perform a job and entry refused, renter will be held liable for service call fee and damages to the property this may have caused.

NO HOUSE PARTIES: (A) We rent strictly to families and mature persons over the age of 25. (B) Absolutely, No House Parties, Fraternities, Sororities, Motorcycle Groups. Youth Groups, High School or College Graduates or friends, etc. Allowed. (C) No Children under the age of 25 will be allowed to check-in without their parent(s). (D) Parents must occupy the same property during the term of this agreement; adult supervised non-family groups are considered house parties. (E) Should a house party or group attempt to occupy the property by any devise, they will be immediately ejected and/or admittance refused and the Reservation Deposit, Rent, Fees and Security Deposit will be forfeited as liquidated damages. (F)The person(s) will be responsible for any and all legal fees, and any other expenses, which may result, in addition to any right or remedy available by law.

PET POLICY: A dog maybe permitted in designated dog friendly properties with additional fee. Ask for details. Pets are prohibited in all other properties. Violation is a material breach and is grounds for immediate eviction. No exceptions, no refunds.

NON-SMOKING PROPERTIES: Smoking in a Non-Smoking Property is prohibited. If a property is discovered to have been smoked in, a $500.00 fee will be charged to the guests credit card/Security Deposit.

TELEPHONES:  Not all properties have telephones.  We can not guarantee telephone service will be available and no refund will be give for loss of telephone service during your stay. Guests will be charged a $20.00 fee for unauthorized calls billed to owner.

CABLE TV and MOVIES: If any charges occur as a result of guest upgrades to cable package or on demand purchases, a fee will be charged to the guest credit card/Security Deposit.

SUBSTITUTION:  From time to time, properties become unavailable for rental due to unforeseen circumstances.  If this should happen, we at Grand Strand Vacations may provide renter with substitute, comparable accommodations without notice for the same period of time.  If comparable accommodations are not available, rents or deposits will be refunded.

SUBLETTING OR ASSIGNMENTS:  The person whose name this reservation is in must occupy Vacation property for the duration of rental period.  If a change needs to be made, please contact our office.

NON-LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION OF OWNER’S AGENT:  Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Owners Agent from any and all costs, expenses, legal proceedings, attorney fees, suits, claims, or demands.  Whether from loss of life, damage to rental property, theft, or injury to the Renter, renter’s family, guests, and/or visitor entering the property or the building or grounds in which the Property is a part,  unless the same was due solely to the gross negligence of the Owners Agent.  Renter waives any and all security provisions.

DEFAULT BY RENTER:  Renter understands that upon violation of any condition, agreement, restriction, covenant and/or obligation of this agreement, the Owner’s Agent may terminate this Agreement and enter this property by force or Statutory proceedings.  In that, case any and all monies paid by renter will be forfeited by the renter as liquidated damages in addition to and not in lieu of any right or remedy available under law.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  If you cancel, your reservation deposit will be refunded, less 15% Cancellation Fee ONLY if the same unit is re-rented for an equal number of days and the same dollar amount as your original reservation.  If we are unable to re-rent the unit, all payments will be forfeited. 

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING:  Bath, Beach & Kitchen towels, Bed Linens (Sheets & Pillow cases), Cooler (for frequently used items. i.e.: beverages), Cleaning Supplies and Paper Products (Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Napkins).
Properties are set-up for simple cooking and housekeeping.  Property items (such as Bedspreads, Pillows, Chairs, Pots, Pans, Dishes, Glasses or Silverware) are not to be taken out of property (to the beach or other properties) or used in an unintended manner.