Food in North Myrtle Beach

We love dining out in North Myrtle Beach. Some of our favorite items that we enjoy are listed below on this page

5 Menu Items and Places to Order

Fried Flounder at Hoskins Restaurant on Main Street  – We love the Meat and 3 Specials at Hoskins for Lunch and can’t wait to get back. On Tuesday’s, I usually get the Half Flounder with Cabbage, Field Peas and Corn. You can’t beat the Homemade  Biscuits. Check before you go. They close during the off season.

Cheeseburger at Shag City Grill inside of Fat Harold’s on Main Street – If you visit NMB, you have probably been to Fat Harold’s.  Eating at the Shag City Grill was always on my list before I moved to the beach full time. I am ready to get back to the Home of the Shag.

Chicken Tenders and Tavern Salad from Hickory Tavern at Coastal Town North –  One of our favorite lunch spots is the Hickory Tavern. We love the Tavern Salad with house dressing. The Chicken Tenders are some of the best at the beach.

Fried Pork Chops Special at Captain Archie’s in NMB on the Waterway. When Pork Chops are on the special, we try to go there to order lunch. There are a lot of great things to eat at Captain Archie’s.

Lava Shrimp at J. Peters Grill and Bar on Hwy 17 – One of the newest restaurants in North Myrtle Beach features entrees and appetizers with very generous portions. We probably eat there once a week.

We could add so many to this list. Tell us what you miss and look forward to ordering when you are able to visit North Myrtle Beach restaurants again.

What is on your Top 5 things to order at North Myrtle Beach Restaurants?

10 responses to “North Myrtle Beach Restaurants – 5 DINE IN FAVORITES”

  1. Bo the Webguy says:

    I look forward to ordering
    Filet at Clarks Seafood & Chop House in Little River
    Bacon Cheeseburger at Deckerz on Main Street
    Chicken Wings at Duck Dive in Cherry Grove ( We order this for takeout a lot)
    Seafood Tower at Snooky’s on the Oceanfront in Cherry Grove
    Fish Tacos at HOTO’s in Ocean Drive

  2. JQ says:

    Everything at Deckerz
    Everything at HOTO’s
    Everything at Captain Archie’s
    Everything at the Shag City Grill – Fat Harold’s

  3. Betty Brady says:

    Buoys on the Blvd. has the very best burgers and onion rings.

  4. Mike Blackmon says:

    Who could leave out The OD Mac burger at the Arcade?
    Also Fried Chicken at The Shack!
    Great greasy breakfast at Sam’s

  5. Sharon Dark says:

    When I’m craving a burger, I’m so glad that OD Arcade is still open doing take away! And the bbq plates at BBQ House!

    • GSV says:

      Can’t go wrong with a Burger from the Arcade. BBQ House is another place we recommend. Thanks Sharon!

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